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Now Robot waiters will serving food

Now Robot waiters will serving foodImage result for robot waiters

Let’s go to Singapore. Don’t be surprised if you are served food by a robot waiter in Singapore which is UAV(Unmanned Aerial Vehicle). Yes, Japan and China uses robot waiter in restaurant for serving food rumors around the world.

But Now Singapore based company named as “Infinium” has made this possible. These robots are named as Infinium Serve for Infinium restaurant will be launched in year 2015 according to local media.
This might be the world’s first commercial plan which replace the humans with machines in food industry. Timbre Group (restaurant chain which will deploy the robot) plans to have robots ready to take orders at tables by the end of next year. Channel News Asia reported this news that Infinium Robotics and Timbre Group is one of Singapore’s most popular restaurant chains which signed a memorandum or contract of understanding on October 31 in order to launch the robots.

Image result for robot waitersImage result for robot waiters
“They need money and are looking for government grants to help reduce development costs which are estimated to be a seven figure sum” says Woon Junyang, who is chief executive officer at Infinium Robotics.
Woon Junyang said he believes that replacing waiters and waitresses with robot waiter would help solve Singapore’s labor problems. Singapore has been facing quite a labor shortage, especially in the service sector due to stricter restrictions on the number of workers allowed into the state especially foreign workers. According to Woon Junyang this will also allow human waiters to focus on more interesting higher value tasks, such as getting feedback from customers and ordering wine.

Image result for robot waiters
“This will result in an enhanced dining experience which will eventually lead to increased sales and revenue for the restaurants and there is no waiters so the salary of them also saved and restaurant gain benefits from all around” he said. But, this may also lead to loss of jobs which is again negative aspect of technology. This thing comes again and again machines replacing Humans.

Image result for robot waiters

Funny things are :
#What if curry spills onto fan of robot the whole room will be filled with curry.
#Some people just come for beautiful waitresses and seeing a robot turn off their mood..
#Overall There is more innovation involved so Let’s see how Infinium serve performs in Singapore with its robot waiter. #For all those visiting Singapore take additional batteries in case your robot waiter slows down.

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