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How to Force restart your Smartphone

How to Force restart your Smartphone

Remember your old phones which had the removable batteries. Most famous phones of Nokia which can split into 3 parts such as battery, back cover and main unit.

Force restart your Smartphone 

Whenever your phone got hanged or not working properly. You just had done simple experiment as to remove back cover and remove battery and put them back again the setup back and restart the phone again. That is very much useful methods for that phones and your phone started working fine again.
But now a days, most of the phone have non removable battery and when your phone hangs up you just have to switch off the phone and start again. And there are no more methods to run it again. Sometimes this formula works and sometimes not.
Here’s the procedure to how force restart the device. There are the methods force restart your phone which are varying from brand to brand or say company to company of your mobile phones.
These methods are only applied when your mobile phone does not switch off or shut down with just a holding single power on / off button. Then you have to hold the two or more button to shut it down. The combination of buttons are explaining below.

By applying these combination method, the timing of holding buttons are very important as well. All the buttons in combination should press at same, and hold it for just 10 seconds.

Force restart your Smartphone :

  • iPhone ( iOS ) :- Hold the Power button and Home button at the same time and hold it for just 10 seconds or until your mobile screen doesn’t shut downor blanked / black.

  • Samsung, LG, Huawei, Asus ( Android ) :-
    Hold the Power button and the Home at the same time as long as your device is turned off or for 10 seconds. And then again start it.

  • Sony, HTC, Motorola ( Android ) :-
    Hold the volume down button and power button to turn off your mobile.

  • Lumia :- windows phones are similar to the Sony, HTC, Motorola ( Android ) as Hold the volume down + power button to turn off the your mobile.

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