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New Species of Deadly Snake 'Death Adder' Discovered in Australia

New Species of Deadly Snake 'Death Adder' Discovered in Australia


New or another species of deadly snake 'death adder' discovered by a group of scientists from Australia and Britain. This species of snake found in Kimberly region in Western Australia.

This new species of snake has a diamond shaped head therefore it named as “Kimberley death adder” or “Acanthophis cryptamydros”. It Length measures around 50cm long (approximately 19 inches). I uses their tail to lure its prey as food.

  The scientists wrote in their research paper,"The consistent differences between the Kimberley death adders and all other Acanthophis across three independent genetic loci, morphology, and color pattern lead us to conclude that these populations represent a separate species from all other Australian Acanthophis”. This species of snake is usually found in North Territory of Australia. The death adders found in the western region, but scientists examine a number of snakes, have now revealed that the species found in Western Australia is unique to North territory.

Death adders are one of most venomous and dangerous snakes in the world. They are notorious for their deadly venom. Their single bite can cause death of a person in just six hours. About 50 percent of their bites are estimated to be fatal. A single bite of death adders, in most results in paralysis attacks and failure of respiratory system. These snakes are 'sit and wait' for the predators that prefer waiting for their prey (such as lizards, birds, frogs, and small animals) than actively searching for them. In recent years, their population have fallen due to destruction of their habitats and increase in population of animals such as foxes and cats.

"The Kimberley has its own death adder which is more closely related to the desert death adders." Paul Doughty, curator of herpetology at the Western Australian Museum, told Guardian Australia. "They use their tail like a lure, they will dangle it down while it's hidden until a lizard or something comes close and then it will strike." Doughty said. Doughty revealed that 15 snakes were sent from the Northern Territory. And these were compared with the Kimberley species for physical features and genetics. According to Doughty, the super camouflage capabilities of death adders enable them to "look like a rock or a bunch of leaves." They are quite slow and not designed for speed.

"They are in the top 10 most dangerous snakes in the world. You  have to handle them carefully."


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