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10 Useful Apple iPhone tricks that iphone can do but you didn’t know

10 Useful Apple iPhone tricks that iPhone can do but you didn’t know

1. Taking A Screenshot


You want to capture your texts, take screenshots of Instagram pictures which we can’t download etc. You Just hold the home button and the on/off button at the same time. The screenshot will be saved.

2. Charge Your Phone Faster :


Make your Apple iPhone charging speed just double. It can be done by putting your iPhone on AIRPLANE MODE while charging.

3. You Don’t Need To Read Emails SIRI Will Do It :


If you don’t like/want to read your Emails. Just tell Siri, “Read my email”. Siri speaks and You’ll hear the sender’s name, the date/time of the message / Emails, and the subject line.

4. Make A Password Of Letters Instead Of Numbers.


You can make a passcode of letters instead of numbers with 3 easy steps :

  •  Go to Settings → General → Passcode Lock. 

  • Just turn off the setting that says “Simple Passcode.” 

  •  A screen will appear that ask you to change your password with a full QWERTY keyboard.


5. You Can Use The Volume Button To Take A SnapInstead Of Touch Circle


6. Turn Off All In-App PurchaseWith One Button.


To save your Phone from kids who like Candy Crush, Temple Run, etc 

Go to Settings → General → Restrictions. Simply Enable Restrictions and scroll down a little to disable In-App Purchases.

7. When You Get A Text Or CallMake Your Phone Emit Light :


Best for those person who hate noise or vibration of phone. iPhone can emit LED flash.

Go to Settings → General → Accessibility then scroll down and turn on “LED Flash for Alerts.”

8. In Rapid Succession Captures Hundreds Of Pictures


Hold the shutter button in camera and it automatically activate Burst mode in which Your iPhone will start capturing no. of photos in no time limit.

9. Undo/Redo With A Shake :


Mistakes happen while writing an email or text, editing a photo, etc. You can Undo/Redo Simply by shaking your smartphone which can make edit easily.

10. To Turn On Caps LockDouble Tap  ‘Shift Key’


Hope these tricks prove useful and save your time. Keep Visiting us for more interesting stuffs….

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