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10 Most Expensive Android Apps -2015


Everything is getting expensive day by day in the modern world. There are apps which are free of cost, but majority of apps are expensive to use. These are the most expensive android apps of 2015 whose price are very high. So let we know how they are expensive too much. 

1 . The Big Byte Libraries & Demo

Image result for The Big Byte Libraries & Demo

The Big Byte Libraries & Demo is another expensive application indeed. Variety  of features offered by the app makes user’s experience enjoyable. The cost of $200 for this wonderful app is actually  worth it.

2. Got Cash

expensive android apps of 2015

Got Cash is an exclusive application which is available at Google Play Store. In a query , most of the people told about this app as waste apps but some of them believe as they have worth from this app. And the cost of this app is $200.

3.    Super Colour Runner

expensive android apps of 2015

Super Colour Runner is a wonderful game app. They offers four colored  paths to run while you enjoy playing different games. Collect pellets and charged batteries in order for staying alive and active till the end of this game. This game app just costs $200.

4.    MBE Preparation -e- Bar Review

expensive android apps of 2015

MBE Preparation is the top most leading app in the world because of the Multistate Bar Examination is the international competitive exam and student needs questions solved and practices to crack , this app has 200 question test that is basically a Practice Exam Mode, a flash card Q&A Mode and has over 1000 questions. People have to buy this app at price just $199.

5.    I’m Rich (White Diamond)

expensive android apps of 2015

I’m Rich (White Diamond) is one of the most expensive Android application. Cost of this app is just $130, and has widget of white diamond on the screen of Smartphone which looks amazingly.

6.    Dr. Web Antivirus

Dr. Web

Dr. Web Antivirus is one of the best Antivirus app for android smartphones as it has rating of 4.6 in the Google Play Store. Many Antivirus android apps offers per year licenses and user has to pay $10 to $80 that does not offers lifetime licenses. Thus, this Antivirus apps has costs only $75 with lifetime license.

7.    5-Minute Sports Medicine

expensive android apps of 2015

Unbound Medicine, Inc offered this 5-Minute Sports Medicine Consult (5MSMC) app which provides latest updates and quick advices about medical related issues which is available in multi-languages, and costs of this app is $99.

8.    Mobile Accessibility US

expensive android apps of 2015

Mobile Accessibility US has cost of $99.99 and is a wonderful and simple app for Android users. Having package of 10 available applications  such as (Phone, SMS, Contacts, Calendar, Email, Alarm, Where am I, Web, Apps and Settings etc.).

9. The Abu Moo Collection

expensive android apps of 2015

Abu Moo is the developer of the Abu Moo Collection which is an app of series of applications, that including Amethyst, Aquamarine, Black Diamond, Emerald, Ruby and Sapphire. The approximate cost of this app is $78.

10. Deduce – Grandmaster Edition

expensive android apps of 2015

Deduce is a most famous game application for Android users.  Now a days, the demand for this app has rising in the market. This game application has the option of only 8 moves per game. Deduce game app can purchased from Google Play Store at just for $55.


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