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Screen Cast , Mirroring of Screen and Screen Record ? Explained withExample

What is Screen Cast , Mirroring of Screen and Screen Record ? Explained with Example

[su_label type="success"]Screen Cast : [/su_label] Screen Cast is the Option for Wireless Display by which you can Display Mobile screen on Bigger Screen without any wire. This can be done when these devices are in same Wi-Fi Network and Devices support this Standard.

[su_label type="success"]Standard :[/su_label] Standard is described by different Platforms in their own products  such as IOS or Mac named it as Air Play and Android named it as Mira Cast.

  • In Air Play Standard , Apple products can share their screen, for example : iPhone screen has to cast on Apple TV, MacBook , etc., so we use Air Play to Screen of iPhone on Bigger Screen.

  • In Mira Cast , Android phones can share their screen with Large screens like TVs, Desktops , Laptops etc., which support Screen Cast feature.

[su_label type="success"]Mira Cast : [/su_label] Mira Cast is basically introduced by LG company. It Simply means that mirror a small screen device to Bigger screen size device.

[su_label type="success"]Mirroring : [/su_label] Mirroring is the second name of Screen Cast or Cast Screen, so both have same Concept. Besides this, there are some questions arises in mind that :

Is Screen Casting or Cast Screen Feature for recording screen of device?

There is Simple Answer for that is No, this is not for Screen Recording. This Feature can only project mobile screen to large screen, but if there is recorder in large screen then you can record it.

Which software used for Screen Recording?

[su_label type="success"]For Desktop PC :[/su_label] A-Powersoft Screen Recorder is the Best Screen Recorder. It is also available for Mac IOS Devices.

[caption id="attachment_3757" align="aligncenter" width="323"]Apowersoft Screen Recorder | Screen Cast Apowersoft Screen Recorder[/caption]

[su_label type="success"]For Android :[/su_label] There are many choices for Android devices for Free and paid. The best full featured Software / Application for Screen Recorder in Android is Game Screen Recorder.

[caption id="attachment_3756" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Game Screen Recorder | Screen Cast Game Screen Recorder[/caption]

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[su_label type="important"]Note :[/su_label] If you have any Questions regarding this , Leave comment in the Comment Box.

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