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Blogspot : How to get backup of posts in blogspot

Backup of Blogspot 

Here we provide the clear cut procedure to get backup of posts in blogspot.

Procedure :

  • Open the Blogger Admin page

  • Click on the “Settings”. And its dropdown menu open.


  • Now click on the “Others” in menu lists.


  • There is the “Blog Tools” which has the options as “Import Blog – Export Blog – Delete blog”.


  • You just download the backup file by clicking on the Export Blog.


  •  After complete download your backup is done.

This downloaded file contains all your posts with extension of the file is .xml . you can upload these posts file to the same blog or on the another blog. To upload this downloaded file just follow the procedure :

  • Click on the option “Import Blog “.

  • Upload the file you downloaded in .xml.

  • After complete uploading your posts are uploaded on the same or another blog.

Thank you all I hope you get full help from this website. To get more help regarding blogs, or blogspot stay connected with this websites.

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