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Sunday, 9 October 2016

What is SEO Keywords? Importance and Types

What is SEO Keywords?  Importance and Types

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Blogging is very popular Profession now a days, every person have a blog to post their interests. They just publish their post without any Keywords. For beginner  its a new word as Keyword. So my article is for the beginner blogger. I hope you'll enjoy it and gain some information.

What is keyword?

Keyword is word or phrases which is used for search some useful Information.

In other words , Keywords are the main words or phrases of the Content.

For example : We have a chapter in a book and we have given a topic to create notes on that topic. This topic is the Keyword that we have to search and find best results in the book.

What is SEO Keywords?

SEO is the Search Engine Optimization and simply understand that SEO Keyword is that Keyword used in SEO Techniques. In previous post of Blogging Category, we explain briefly about the SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ).

[caption id="attachment_2748" align="aligncenter" width="371"]What is SEO Keywords? Importance and Types What is SEO Keywords? Importance and Types[/caption]

If we talk about the SEO, it means there is some online Content / Article which have to optimized on the Google Search Page or SERP ( Search Engine Results Page ). This Content have main words and phrases by which visitors / audience get visit the Online content. This main word or phrases used for online content is called as SEO Keywords.

For example : If we need to search information on Search engine , we have to type some words and phrases to get results. These are the SEO Keywords.

Importance of Keyword in SEO :

  • When we want to optimize our Content on SERP , we have to clarify that Keyword.

  • They are the Glossary of the whole blog.

  • Search Engines have the techniques to index SERPs called Algorithms , which depends on Keyword Density of content and many other factors.

  • It helps your Blog / Website to index on the Google.

  • Up-to 2012 keyword are called Meta Keywords , which is manually entered by the Bloggers and Google index that pages on the basis of Keywords Quality and Density. But Now , it becomes very smart and analyse the Keywords itself and index it according to same factors.

Types of SEO Keywords :

  • Simple / One word Keywords :

Simple keyword is that type of keywords which include only one or

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two targeted word. That one word used in content for SEO.

For example : when we search " Apple iPhone " it is called the Simple Keyword. And Search engine resulted out the valuable and trusted content for the Visitors / Users about that keyword.


  • Long Tail Keywords :

[caption id="attachment_2750" align="alignleft" width="300"]What is SEO Keywords? Importance and Types What is SEO Keywords? Importance and Types[/caption]

Long Tail Keywords are those type of keywords which includes the more than two words. These long tail keywords are widely used by the bloggers to their blogs to Optimize on Google Search Engine.

For Example : If we search " How to use Keyword Planner " on Google, we call it Long Tail. Long tail keywords are also listed below the search box of Google when we type a keyword to get results. At the time of typing , there is automatically shown the related long tail keywords below search box, these are the Long tail Keywords.


  • Related Searches Keywords :

    What is SEO Keywords? Importance and Types

They are found at the bottom of the Google search results page. It is also the Long tails and have very helpful because it is suggested by the Search engine like Google , Bing , Yahoo etc.

Example shown by Image : It is the screenshot of the bottom of the Google search results which show the related searches.


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