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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

The Secret of Google Leaked to Work on New OS " Fuchsia "

Fuchsia the New OS Platform By Google

Everyone knows Google very much. Here we have some latest news about Google which gives a Shock to you. It owned an open Source OS Android Platform and Chrome platform but if we say that It works secretly to create a new OS named " Fuchsia ".

Fuchsia is a new Operating System by Magenta which is designed to work in all small embedded devices up to Computers , laptops and Desktops. It is basically the name of a flower which has Magenta colour.

[caption id="attachment_2494" align="aligncenter" width="530"]Fuchsia the New OS Platform By Google Fuchsia the New OS Platform By Google[/caption]

World waiting for the new version of Android OS but they do not know Google hopes to replace their Android and Chrome platform Operating Systems with new OS Fuchsia. And it giving a final look for latest version of Android and expected to launched the Latest version of Android OS v7.0 Nougat in September 2016.

It already have open Source platforms which is widely popular all over the World which works across all computer systems , Laptops , mobiles , smartphones , tablets and also Internet devices. Now Google wants to replace all these with a new OS platform Fuchsia. It is not an upgrade of Android or Chrome OS and which is not derived from Linux Kernel.

In Fuchsia , It use Dart programming language codes and Flutter Programming language for User interface. Fuchsia will in 32-bit ARM CPUs , 64-bit ARM CPUs and 64-bit PCs. These all news extracted by hackers. According to Hacker's News , Travis Geiselbrech and Brian Sewtland are involved to create this project. Travis worked on BeOS , NewOS , Danger , Palm's WebOS and iOS and Brian worked only on BeOS and Android. Fuchsia is also working on Raspberry Pi 3 in the future, according to Travis.

Google works secretly on number of Projects about which we don't know ever. This news by hackers bring some excitement among the User and they waiting for Google to disclose this project. After which its confirmed that if it is rumours or to be true.

Our team share this some information about New OS. If you have some knowledge or know about him. You can share with us.In this article we describe the detailed about new OS. We hope you will like and enjoy this article. Thank you.Comment below the latest information to be get updated.

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