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Saturday, 10 October 2015

How to fix problems in pendrive which shows unrecognised drive

Easy and simplest way to fix pendrive problems

Major Pendrive / External drive problems are :

  •  Shows unrecognized drive shortcut

  •  Reappear of drive shortcut after formatting or deleting the drive / pendrive.

  •  Files which is downloaded in it not appeared but the drive / pendrive shows the full storage of that file.

  •  Pendrive not showing in MY COMPUTER.

  •  Pendrive / drive shows unwanted files instead of your important files.

How to fix all these problems happened in pendrive / external drive.

Here a software named “UsbFix” which can fix all these problems in your pendrive. Download latest version of UsbFix

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And just follow these steps :

  • Install “UsbFix” software.

  • Open it (as administrator if not).

  • Click on “Clean”. (to remove all infected files from computer as well as pendrive / external drive).

  • Now click “OK” to proceed.

  • It scans all your data and delete automatically the infected files from pc or pendrive. It will takes upto 2-3 minutes.

  • After scan starting / completion there shows some tabs. You just have to click on the “No”.

  • And your problem will be solved.

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